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XGEO GU60, Premium usability in digital radiography.

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Digital Radiography (DX)

Product Description

DescriptionTechnical Specs
XGEO GU60, Premium usability in digital radiography.

FPD (Flat Panel Detector)

The ultrasensitive FPD (Flat Panel Detector), developed based on Samsung Electronics’ outstanding TFT technology, features proprietary ALDAS (Advanced Low Dose Amorphous Silicon Sensor) technology. ALDAS improves patient safety and the reliability of the diagnosis by acquiring high-resolution images with a very small amount of radiation.

The compact, light-weighted, and portable detector will provide a better medical environment by improving user convenience and the efficiency of work.

Flexible U-ARM

XGEO GU60 is a universal arm-type equipment that can easily be adjusted to scan various parts of the patient. Thanks to U-arm’s broad shoulders, which can be rotated from +120 degrees to -30 degrees, and the SID adjustment range of 100-180 cm, the XGEO GU60 can scan the patient from various positions in a small space.

LED Lighting

The users and the patients can easily follow the progress of the scan by looking at the 4 different colors of the LED lighting. Green indicates “ready”, blue indicates “adjusting”, orange indicates “scanning” and red indicates “emergency”. This user-friendly function makes it easy to check the status of the device.

Positioning Help

The visual guide provides various scanning positions to help the user acquire images easily.

Intuitive GUI & AUI

The integrated UI (User Interface) used in the THU (Tube Head Unit) and simple and intuitive GUI (Graphical User Interface) make it easier to use and understand the equipment, providing high levels of ease and conve- nience. Various elements of AUI (Audio User Interface), corresponding with the THU’s movement, provide an intuitive user experience. In addition the XGEO GU60 is designed in a refined and elegant manner.

Remote Control System

Most functions of the equipment can be controlled by a remote control, which allows the user to work with the scanner more conveniently without going back and forth between the scanning room and the control room.

THU Touch Screen

The large 12 inch touch screen on the THU enhances the usability by quickly displaying the captured image and providing easy to use GUI.

Individual Blade Control (4-way Control Device)

When scanning an area that is smaller than the area of the FPD, the individual blade control moves the four axes of the area to lower unnecessary radiation exposure. By adjusting the area, the amount of exposed X-ray radiation dosage is minimized. This function is especially effective when scanning the chests of children.


The AEC (Automatic Exposure Control) function controls the X-ray dosage to prevent the patient from being exposed to unnecessary radiation. The DAP sensor of the collimator shows the X-ray dosage for the patient and the operator can manage the dosage effectively by utilizing the DAP information sent to the PACs

Anti-collision Sensor

The THU has 6 anti-collision sensors that sense objects and people’s movement to prevent the equipment from colliding with users or patients.


Digital Radiography (DX)

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