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XGEO GF50 DR FMT System, Efficiency at hand.

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Digital Radiography (DX)

Product Description

DescriptionTechnical Specs
XGEO GF50 DR FMT System, Efficiency at hand.

  • Easier operation with Auto-tracking
  • High-quality images with S-Vue
  • Enhanced dose management
  • Ergonomic design with foot sensor

Experience Enhanced Workflow leading to High Throughput

Automated operation such as Auto-tracking yields a fast, accurate diagnosis, regardless of the patient’s position.
Auto-tracking function reduces workflow steps by half compared to the conventional manual tracking.

Experience Simplified Operation

The ergonomic design provides enhanced accessibility with 4-way or 6-way table movement for quick, accurate patient positioning. The wide table enhances patient comfort, and the foot sensor helps users to conveniently control the 4-way table top by recognizing the push of the user’s foot.

Image sharpness and low dose with S-Detector

Samsung’s digital detector enables accurate diagnoses. Advanced S-Detector displays anatomical structure clearly and vividly with high Detective Quantum Efficiency (DQE). In addition, the detector lowers the radiation dose for radiographers and patients.

Superior-quality images with S-Vue

Enhance your throughput

A light weight wireless detector

The wireless detector can be used anywhere and moved quickly and easily, resulting in high throughput, improved patient comfort and convenience when imaging any area of the body. As a result, the operator’s effort is reduced and a greater number of patients can be examined.

Fast image previewing in 3 seconds for maximizing patient throughput

RMS (Remote Management System)

This system provides a customized service that enables users to manage the status of equipment, through real-time monitoring of any problems that occur, using the RMS (Remote Management System).
It also provides remote repair services upon request through remote access assistance.


Digital Radiography (DX)

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