Samsung - The Next Big Thing in Orthopedic Imaging

Serve more patients faster

With greater quality images at lower dose

All for a reasonable cost to acquire and operate

What’s not to like? Set a time to see for yourself

Or, explore the products below:
Retrofit Digital X-ray (GR40CW)
Retrofit Digital X-ray GR40CW

With same size film or CR cassettes, easily upgrade to a superior DR system. Serve more patients and enjoy superior image quality.

Floor Mounted Digital X-ray (GF50)
Ceiling Mounted Digital X-ray GC80

A fully-integrated DR room — all of Samsung’s innovations in one efficient system.

Digital U-Arm (GU60A)
Digital U-Arm GU60A

The Tech Assist feature speeds up room preparation and allows for quick patient turnaround.

Floor Mounted Digital Xray (GF50)
Floor Mounted Digital X-ray GF50

Experience enhanced workflow leading to high throughput.