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Anderson Ortho. Clinic in Arlington, VA upgraded one of their radiography rooms from a Konica CR to a Samsung DR and upgraded to a new radiographic room.  The switch from CR to DR greatly increases patient flow and allows for higher quality images for better diagnostics.  Anderson Ortho’s Director of Radiology, Vickie Christopher, was so impressed with the professionalism, speed, and quality of work that the XRV team did that she sent the President of XRV several messages praising the team and the work they did.

Here is what she had to say:

“I just want to tell you how much I admire and appreciate all the hard work everyone has put in to helping us get our new room and make the switch from CR-DR . Considering the amt of notice given to your guys and still working thru some issues, William, DeAnte, Ed, Mike, Jimmy, Jake, and especially Linda went above and beyond. I’m thankful for X-RAY VISIONS this year. Happy Holidays. Vickie-Anderson Clinic”

“Hi Bud- I hope you let your staff know about the email I had sent. I also wanted to mention that the backbone of the whole operation was due to Rick Williamson, your project manger and his staff of engineers. Not sure if I mentioned that in the prior email but please let him know how much I appreciate all he has done for us and how very smooth things went. I have know Rick along time and he is always such a joy to work with. He listens to my ideas and takes them into consideration . I just think your guys are the best. Thanks again – Vickie”

Thank you Vickie for the kind words.  We appreciate your loyalty to XRV.

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Mingo-Pike Radiology in South Williamson, KY has been a long time loyal customer of XRV.  Their manager of Radiology reached out to our Service Manager to pass on his appreciation of our service tech, Scott Holschuh.

Here is what Donnie said:

“I want to express my appreciation for Scott Holschuh. Scott has gone above and beyond his call for service each time he has been at our facility as-well-as phone service. He is always eager to help and to offer advice concerning whatever problem we are having.  Thank you for your continued excellent service and for employees like Scott who exemplify the quality of service I’m sure your company wishes to portray.” – Donnie Tacket

Great job Scott.  Thank you Donnie for the kind words and your loyalty to XRV.

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Holy Cross Hosp.

Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring, MD has purchased two additional Carestream DRX Revolution Digital Portables.  Holy Cross Hospital previously purchased a DRX Revolution Portable that is dedicated to their Neonatal Intensive Care Department.

The advantages to having a DRX Revolution include very fast image processing, excellent image quality, quick positioning, touch screen display, easy to drive and maneuver in tight spaces, line and tube placement software.  Plus with the wireless connectivity basically makes the DRX Revolution an x-ray room on wheels!!

Holy Cross Hosp. Portable

Pictured above is Shannen Sullivan, afternoon shift technologist, enjoying her DRX Revolution……allowing her to perform portable exams very quickly and efficiently.

Congratulations Holy Cross Hospital on making you facility a more efficient work place.



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Winchester Radiology has opened its doors to the public with state-of-the-art radiology equipment.  Installed is the Quantum Radiographic System with Q-Vision and a Fuji DEVO DR Wireless Panel.  The radiographic room includes a 4 Way Float-Top table, easy to use wallstand, touchscreen monitor that is a High Definition Widescreen Monitor.  The Q-Vision Graphics show 18 anatomical regions with unlimited number of standard and custom views.  The Fuji DEVO DR Panel offers 3 second exposure time and editing tools that offer manual shutters and movable annotation makers.

Winchester Rad. Pic 3Winchester Rad. Pic 2Winchester Rad. Pic 1












Pictured above is Tara Smith, RT posing with her new equipment.

Congratulations to Winchester Radiology on purchasing equipment to make their facility state-of-the-art and efficient.

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Southern Maryland Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Center in Leonardtown, MD upgraded from a 10 year old Kodak CR reader to the Carestream DRX Wireless Detector.  The DRX Retrofit converts any existing radiographic system to a completely Wireless DR radiographic room.  This is perfect for busy orthopaedic centers like Southern Maryland Ortho. & Sports.  The advantage to the DRX Wireless Detector is that requires lower dose, gives higher resolution with excellent image quality, and a very fast processing time.

Southern Maryland Ortho Pic

Pictured above is Tara Clark, Kelly Haggerty, and Natty Jones showing off their new DRX Wireless Detector.

Congratulations to Southern Maryland Ortho & Sports on making your facility more efficient and state-of-the-art.

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Capital Area Orthopedic Associates, LLC in LaPlata, MD is the first orthopedic in the DC, Maryland, Virginia area (DMV) to purchase a Samsung Radiographic System.  They purchased the Samsung GU60A U-Arm Radiographic System.

Some Highlights of the Samsung GU60A U- Arm are:

  • Fully automatic flexible u-arm for faster patient throughput.
  • Cesium flat panel detector for excellent image quality.
  • ALDAS: Advanced Low Dose Amorphous Silicon Sensor
  • Automatic movement including stitching exams
Cap Area Ortho PicXGEO GU60A

Pictured above is Dede, Chris, and Carol showing off their new Samsung system.

Congratulations to Capital Area Ortho. for being the first to own a new Samsung system.

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Expresscare in Bowie, MD has opened its doors to the public with a brand new radiographic room and CR.  They purchased the Summit NHD Gold 300 Radiographic System with a Fuji Prima-T CR Reader.  These two units are great from urgent cares because of the user friendly concepts of the radiographic system and the CR making patient throughput much faster.  This is the 12th site for Expresscare to open with the hopes of several more.

Expresscare Bowie Pic 1 Expresscare Bowie Pic 2

Congratulations to Expresscare of Bowie, MD for opening a new site and purchasing such quality imaging equipment.

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My Care Urgent Care in New Carrollton, MD recently had a Summit NHD Gold Radiographic System and Konica Image Pilot installed in their facility.  These are great units for an urgent care because they are user friendly and increase patient throughput.

The system includes:

  • NHD 400M High Frequency Generator
  • Four-Way Float-Top Table
  • Transverse Rotational Tubestand
  • Wallstand w/ adjustable Buck
My Urgent Care Installed Room

Congratulations to My Care Urgent Care on their new radiographic system and CR.

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X-Ray Visions, Inc. is excited to announce that we have expanded our territory by adding new sales and service team members for the Southern Virginia areas. Allison Asher and Will Lloyd are our extremely experienced sales team that will be covering this new area. Also joining the team is our highly trained service technician, Gene Siegel. XRV aims to bring our high quality of service and our ability to offer several imaging solutions to meet your imaging needs, including the high-quality Samsung Healthcare imaging products.

Click here to contact us!

Will Lloyd

Will Lloyd

Allison Asher

Allison Asher


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We are looking for an enthusiastic team player to join our organization. Through our Jump-Start Career program, you’ll gain valuable work experience in a variety of support functions to include Reception, Customer Care, Accounting, Warehouse/Purchasing, and more. This part-time position offers an excellent opportunity to learn new skills, share your ideas and get your foot in the door to this fast paced and growing organization. The successful candidate will serve as our primary receptionist while simultaneously getting experience and mentoring in other critical support processes.

The ideal candidate must possess exceptional communication skills (both oral & written), the ability to work effectively in a team setting, takes initiative and determined to excel in any role or task given to them. Must be able to multi-task effectively and make good decisions in a fast paced environment. The ability to handle a high volume of phone calls while maintaining a consistent, professional demeanor is a must. Fast and accurate computer data entry is also required.

For consideration, submit a copy of your resume outlining prior work experience and/or school/volunteer/extra-curricular activities along with a cover letter outlining why you would be perfect for this role.

About X-ray Visions X-Ray Visions provides a full spectrum of medical imaging equipment Sales and Service, imaging systems design, and technical support. We provide high quality products at competitive prices, allowing customers to maximally leverage their existing equipment and systems. An outstanding team of engineers supports our products and assist customers in all their imaging needs, such as: equipment upgrades, planning and design. We have doubled sales each and every year since our inception. Our customers include hospitals, radiology groups, orthopedic groups, private practitioners, and other healthcare entities. We have a commitment to quality that’s second to none.

We are an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer