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Over the last few years, the University of Maryland and X-Ray Visions have been partnered to upgrade their existing fleet of portable x-ray units with Carestream’s DRX line of digital flat panel solutions. The University was one of the early adopters of Carestream’s DRX portable retrofits in their Shock Trauma Unit. Based on the exceptional results of that experience, they decided going forward that all portable upgrades/replacements would be to digital. Last year they formed a task force to evaluate all the DR Portable options available. A wide selection of vendors were invited to provide a week long demo of their unit in which the staff of the University would have the chance to use and evaluate the equipment utilizing a 20 step criteria that they had developed. The result was a clear win for the Carestream System.













The University recently installed the new 25×30 Carestream DRX 2530C panel for use in Pediatric cases. The smaller panel is specifically designed to meet the needs of pediatric, neonatal and orthopedic imaging.


Because of the DRX line performance and the excellent installation, support and service provided by X-Ray Visions, the University continues to utilize the Carestream DRX retrofits for all of their digital portable needs.

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